My Angry Friend

(How do I say this without sounding crazy. I don’t think that’s possible. I’m okay with that.)

I have this friend named Angry Tracie. She first showed up when I was 16 and pregnant; until recently, I didn’t realize how much a part of my life she’d become.

Angry Tracie has been my trusted companion when I’m hurting, and I’ve especially enjoyed rehashing old hurts with her. She seemed to be the only person who listened to me and cared about my feelings. Her presence comforted me. Angry Tracie became my closest friend.

I got saved 13 years ago. But I’ve still trusted her more than anyone. Through lots of personal struggles, when I felt like God wasn’t listening, didn’t like me and wasn’t concerned about my broken heart, Angry Tracie was there to console me. (That’s a hard thing to confess for a Christ-follower.)

I didn’t recognize Angry Tracie’s influence, more than 20 years of it. But I do now. Knowing about her is changing the way I think and behave and live. Jesus is gently working us through it. Man. I love Him for that.

Do you have a “friend” who might be keeping you from really living, and really loving?

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3 thoughts on “My Angry Friend

  1. Dawn says:

    Again, I click to your blog, hoping there will be a new post — because I love your writing. And, YAY, I see one! And again, the tears well up and I recognize myself in what you write. I honestly think we are separated at birth twins! So true, so real, so honest. Just authentic. Love you!

  2. Tracie Frank says:

    Aw! Dawn, thanks so much. You’re very kind. And… We could totally be twins! 😉

  3. lionfall says:

    Yes indeed. My “friend” is Someone-else-is-better Aubrae. I’m working to end our toxic relationship. Thank you again for everything you share!

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