Sometimes the world closes in
And it’s dark and scary.

The shadows stretch out and distort
the things that once looked “right” and made sense.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been
wandering in the dark for ages and ages.
You’ve been gone forever,
and people are just, just now noticing.

You thought God didn’t notice either.
He doesn’t seem to have much to say nowadays.
He doesn’t seem to be in arms’ reach lately.

Then sometimes He says something,
and you hear the whisper of His voice
and it feels like the warm breath of your mother
against your ear when she tells you it’s gon’ be alright.

It’s almost too beautiful to believe,
too wonderful to accept,
too sweet to swallow.

If you could hold a moment in your hands forever,
this would be it.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Dawn M. says:

    Your writing is amazing. It *ALWAYS* moves me. My mind starts reeling and thinking and usually I cry…sometimes because it makes me sad, sometimes because it makes me happy and sometimes both. How can you write so little and it be SO MUCH!!! You have a gift for putting into words the emotion that is life. ❤ U!

  2. Tracie says:

    Aww! :*) Thank you Dawn! I’m so very honored, you have no idea. I love you too!

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