Defending God

I think I get why Pat Robertson felt the need to expound on the suffering in Haiti. But I can only speak for myself, so I’ll give it a shot.

God is scary. He’s awesome and huger than life, sure. But he’s also unpredictable. That’s scary.

When something really horrible happens in the world, I want to explain it. There must be an explanation, and it has to be something I can grasp. I need to find some solution that takes an unpredictable event and forces it to make sense.

On top of that, I love Jesus and have put my faith in him. That act alone is fodder for ridicule from those who don’t believe or understand. Many already think I’m ignorant, gullible or crazy, simply because I love him. So when something horrible and unexplainable happens, and the world asks, “How could God ________ [fill in the blank]?” What do I say? What if “they” find out I can’t explain God? They’ll question both my intelligence and my sanity!

Crap! I better whip up an explanation–one that both comforts me about my decision to follow Christ, and defends Christ at the same time.

It’s just like Job’s friends when he lost everything in one day. “Dude,” they said. “You must’ve done something!” For them, the accusation was like a rabbit’s foot or a security blanket: something to rub on their cheeks when they were afraid. A powerless talisman against calamity. Job must have done something. Because if he didn’t, and God allows horrible things to happen to nice people, then something could happen to me too.

Yeah, I’ve done that a zillion times. But I think I’m better at recognizing it for what it is: Pride (aka fear).

God is unpredictable! And he doesn’t need me to defend him. Which is a relief, because I can’t.

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