Wonderful Asking

In the early days of my salvation, I prayed for God to show me things from His perspective. I knew my attitude toward many things–including my marriage–was poor, and I wanted that to change.

That night I was feeling “put-upon” by my husband. As we lay in bed, he reached out and began to rub my back. I knew what that meant!

I silently prayed, “See Father? He only touches me when he wants something!” To which I heard the response, “What a wonderful way to ask for something, by giving it first!”

Blew my mind. And I find that simple sentence to be true in so many ways, beginning with Jesus asking me for my life by giving His first.

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Asking

  1. Dawn M says:

    Tracie…I’m in tears. That is so beautiful and speaks right to me.

  2. Nikki says:

    Ah dangit, you’re right.

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