July 12, 2009

Jesus said if you deny him before men, he’ll deny you before his Father.

I was thinking today about what it means to deny Jesus before men. My first response was, “I’ve never done that. I’ll never do that.”

But then I thought about every time I’ve had the opportunity to speak on Jesus’ behalf–to introduce him into the conversation. Not a conversation about faith or about religion or about politics, but just an ordinary conversation.

So let’s say there’s a way to succinctly and relevantly bring up the gospel in an ordinary conversation. And I’m not talking about one of those awkward cheesy segueways. “Speaking of minivans, did you know Jesus loves you?”

No, I mean there’s a real-deal opportunity. I’m fully aware of it. And I don’t take it. Did I just deny him?

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One thought on “July 12, 2009

  1. Matthew says:


    What’s wild about this blog entry is that I literally just posted about the same thing on my blog last week. I even referenced the same/similar verse too from Luke. We deny God alot and don’t even realize it, and even though His grace is sufficient , he is also Just.

    And Yes I fully believe we deny Him intentionally and unintentionally. We have to be honest with ourselves in this area.

    Thanks for being a confirmation on what’s been on my heart.

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