Where did they go?

I just watched Glee on Fox. It’s a show about a teacher who wants to bring the high school’s floundering glee club back from the depths of obscurity. At the end of the episode the kids performed the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

As they performed, I felt the thrill of music and dancing and youth in my heart. I remembered being in high school show choir with my whole life ahead of me. I remembered being in high school dance club, leaping into the air and feeling like I didn’t belong on the ground. I remembered when it was still possible that singing, acting and dancing would be who I was and what I did. The feeling that bubbled up in my heart was like … the last day of school; like the smell of summer; like endless days of nothing to do but play; open skies and meadows made for running, meadows that went on forever. Freedom and joy and excitement.

I don’t watch shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance because they came too late for me. It depresses me to watch them doing what I would have done had those opportunities been available 20 years ago. I’m jealous. (I also don’t watch American Idol because of the travesty of Elliot Yamin not making it to the final two and winning the whole thing. Those morons.)

I feel imprisoned by time gone by. Where did my dreams go? When did living override life? When did practicality override risk?

If you’re still in high school or college and you have dreams, let me just grab you by the lapels and get in your face. You need to know two things: One: Your future is impacted by the choices you make today–good and bad. Make good choices. Two. What’s your gift? Are you passionate about it? Then go for it!

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5 thoughts on “Where did they go?

  1. robyn janneh says:

    can you teach a class about this to all the youth and young adults!!!!
    I agree so much and know exactly how you feel!!!!!!
    I cannot believe I am 41 and how did this happen.
    I also want everyone young to know this and I have tried and will keep trying to teach it to my children!!!
    Thank you for this but I still believe that our dreams will come true just maybe in a different way then what we thought originally!!!
    I pray your dreams become reality to you also please don’t give up!
    Remember when you make a CD I will buy it and tell everyone i know to buy one also

  2. Tracie says:

    Aw! Robyn, you’re such an inspiration! Let me turn it around and say, same to you! What’s your dream? It’s not too late for us! 😉

  3. Nikki says:

    After reading this I’m not sure which is worse: having unfulfilled dreams from youth, or never having dreams at all when young (me). I’m not sure what happened. Sometimes I feel like too many things went wrong and somehow I missed God-given vision and expectation for my life. And you know what God says about people without vision: they die a slow death. I am sure I’m not the person today I would have been had right choices been made; that person died a long time ago. But thank GOD for second birth! Now in Christ I am a new creature blessed with new dreams. I haven’t seen many of them yet, but by faith I know they exist for me. I’m sure new dreams have realized for you as well. In fact I KNOW this is so. I see it every Sunday. 🙂

  4. Dawn Moyer says:

    Tracie…you know I love you & your writing. You always touch my heart!

    BUT, Nikki….are we the same person? I got tears in my eyes reading your comment. Because I could relate to it exactly! I don’t know….I’m just frustrated. I know I have so much to offer a dream…I just can’t find the dream. I know I have so much to offer a passion…I just can’t find my passion. Sometimes I feel like a little fish, that somehow got out of the water up on the dock, just fipping around trying to flip the right way so that it flips right on over the edge into the place it belongs. I’m believing it’s going to come along. I’m looking up to those I want to be like & doing what they are doing. Eventually, it will come……

  5. Carlos Melendez says:

    Man this makes me think in so many different ways right now. Just on the whole concept of performances. Whether Sports, Music, etc… There is something to be said about the amount work and anticipation that one will put in for that “One time” when it’s no longer a practice, or a rehearsal. There’s a specific thrill to that process and a feeling of achievement when it’s over which I constantly miss in my daily life as an adult.

    On finding your passion, I’ve been fortunate enough to always have people around me to push me towards finding A passion. Didn’t matter what it was I was chasing at that point in my life I would always have someone urging me to go full throttle with it. I’ve gone through a laundry lists of things I’ve “really liked” and after a couple of decades I managed to find it. Since then I’ve believed everyone has something that just echoes in the depths of their hearts. You just have to be willing to go down there face it, and listen to it’s response. It wasn’t an easy process. It takes time, effort and the willingness to pull out the weight of your desires and toss it into what you’re doing and see if it will sustain the weight of your dreams. It’s not guaranteed to be a comfortable ride but it’s most rewarding once you’ve determined what answers to your hearts call.

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