Quick Movie Reviews

Here are some quick reviews on few movies that don’t warrant the full service:

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. It was silly and boring. The crisis was completely implausible. I know it’s a family movie, but that doesn’t mean you get to ignore good story development. Hank Azaria is always fun, but even he couldn’t salvage this one. Biggest irk: Where were the guards? This was the Smithsonian! How could the main characters wreak so much destruction and make so much noise with nary an alarm? There weren’t even any pedestrians or cars driving by? C’mon. The special effects were cool though. 2/5 Stars

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.I’m not sure why I wanted to see this one. I should’ve known the chauvinistic attitude of the lead male would annoy me! Plus it was entirely predictable. (I know, I know. How could it not be?) I couldn’t stand the characters, and I didn’t find anything about Chauvanist Guy the least bit attractive or sexy. Ew. 1/5 Stars

Soloist. I know everyone loved this. And it’s not that I’m not concerned about social awareness and caring for the least of these. But I’m tired of all the dredging up of random true stories for the sake of reality movies. We don’t have to make a movie about everything! I was bored. I’m sorry, but I was! 2/5 Stars

Duplicity. The best part of the movie was the fight at the beginning between the two corporate stuffed shirts! Otherwise it was another one of those pointless movies. Seriously, all the (rather boring) events in the movie from start to finish led to nothing. Why? You can do that with a TV show, but not with a movie! 2/5 Stars

Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I love Kevin James. He’s hilarious, and he’s got that adorably nerdy handsome thing going! But they showed all the funny parts in the previews. The story was implausible–and just to clarify, I have nothing against implausibility if you make it entertaining. I’m sorry, but this wasn’t. The bad guys weren’t even scary, and all their acrobatics were out of place. 1/5 Stars

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Long and boring and selfish and sad. 2/5 Stars

Bedtime Stories.I keep trying to like Adam Sandler comedies, but they’re just not funny to me! (Except Happy Gilmore, that one was hilarious.) This one had so much potential! Sadly, it went nowhere. 2/5 Stars

The Day the Earth Stood Still. I saw it and I barely remember it. Something like, “Oh humans: Be good and kind, and/or save the Earth or we noble aliens will take it away.” Blah blah blah!” 2/5 Stars

Madagascar: Escape to Africa. I didn’t think the first one was all the great, and this one was slightly below the level of the first. 2/5 Stars

Blindness. Oh my gosh I couldn’t stand this movie. It was one of those artsy fartsy deals where they try to make some kind of statement about the condition of the world or some hazy crap like that. Or maybe it was just garbage with no purpose, and the artsy fartsy thing was an accident. It just dragged endlessly on … I didn’t even watch the end, I couldn’t take it anymore. Ugh. 1/5 Stars

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