Just Plain Greedy

What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to move in church?

In my last post I briefly mentioned the concept as far as spiritual maturity is concerned:

On the other hand, some believe the church is a place to be fed. The more spiritually mature you are, the greater your expectations of the church. Worship should be lengthy, the Holy Spirit should move tangibly, and the pastor should “go deep.” As long as I’m able to come and get all my needs met, I’m satisfied. But if the church doesn’t feed me “meat,” I’m out!

I’m not saying the Holy Spirit doesn’t have a place in the church. (That would be stupid.) But I do think some views on the subject are narrow.

  • Has the Holy Spirit only moved when “worship” goes on for an hour or two? (By “worship,” I mean the musical portion of the service.)
  • Has the Holy Spirit only moved when people feel goosebumps, or they cry or laugh, or the hair is raised on their necks?
  • Has the Holy Spirit only moved when people are speaking in tongues and/or prophesying over each other?
  • Has the Holy Spirit only moved when people pass out or fall to the floor?

If these things are true, then does it mean the Holy Spirit hasn’t moved if worship is only 20 minutes? If nobody “feels” him, has he moved? Chip Judd, a local pastor here in the Carolinas, said it’s great for people to pass out under the power of the Holy Spirit; but what happens when they get up?

I’m not saying the Holy Spirit doesn’t move through worship, or goosebumps, or tongues, or whatever. I’m saying those things don’t mark the spiritually mature church.

The Holy Spirit brings movement. He brings fresh perspective, and conviction, and empowerment. He brings change. He brings glory to the Father and the Son. He brings love (first), along with joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These things mark a spiritually mature church where the Holy Spirit is moving.

As opposed to babbling, goosebump-laden saints crowding the altar, snatching up all the mannah and leaving none for those who’ve yet to taste his goodness.

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One thought on “Just Plain Greedy

  1. robyn janneh says:

    This was excellent!!!!
    AMEN and AMEN…
    I love the things you talked about-

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