Drama and Spraypaint

Things have been happening around me that are strange. Unbelievable.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here …

I’ve never been up-close-and-personal on events like this. That’s because I don’t like drama, and I avoid it whenever possible. But sometimes drama comes to your doorstep and knocks, and because you’re polite you open the door. Then drama knocks you down and spraypaints all the walls in your house. It sprays black gunk all over people you care about.

There’s no point to asking why. There’s no point in striving for the upper hand. There’s just no point.

The strongest, most effective and most powerful thing to do is pray, and understand that it really is the strongest, most effective and most powerful thing to do.

God and I have had some serious conversations over the past few days. I wish the drama would go away quickly and quietly, but I know it’s not that easy. Nonetheless–and I’m not being one of those dreadful chipper optimists (wink!)–I believe when it does end, there will be much good from it. Yes, I believe that! Despite this odd pain and bewilderment, I really do have hope. For all of us who are tangled up in this drama and spraypaint.

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