A Conversation Between Husband and Wife

I receive an email from an old friend I reconnected with from elementary school. I smile and occasionally laugh as I read it. My husband walks in.

DERWIN: Watcha doin’?

ME: Reading an e-mail.

DERWIN: How come you don’t laugh and smile when you read my e-mails?

ME: Look at this! [I point at the screen, demonstrating the e-mail’s hefty, detail-filled length by scrolling up and down with the mouse.]  It’s about her life! There’s actual stuff in it!

DERWIN: No, you just don’t care about my e-mails like you care about everyone else’s. I see how it is.

ME: What? You barely send me e-mails, and when you do they’re, like, one line! You don’t tell me about your life either! Plus when I e-mail you, you don’t even reply half the time!

DERWIN: Fine. I’m going to send you an e-mail about my life.

ME: Yes! Send me an e-mail about your life! And your feelings!

[Derwin rushes out of the bedroom and to his computer. Five minutes later he comes back and looks at me expectantly.]

ME: You couldn’t have sent me anything worth reading that fast … [I check my e-mail. This is attached.]

This is why I love my husband!

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7 thoughts on “A Conversation Between Husband and Wife

  1. Tammy Garrett says:

    HILARIOUS!! That is TOTALLY something Matt would do, too!! I feel your pain! Hey, at least he listened and knew WHAT you wanted in the email, even if his delivery was a little “off”.

  2. Tracie says:

    Sigh. Well Tammy, I’m glad to know I’m not alone! We’ll make it through together!

  3. Amanda says:

    You and about 1,000000000000000 other people girl. :o) At least you admit it – that’s the first step!

  4. Amanda says:

    ok, that was about the facebook post – wrong comment button :o)

  5. Matt Garrett says:

    Tracie – Will you ask Derwin if I can copy his email.

  6. treyka says:

    Thanks Amanda, it’s good to know I’m not alone! And Matt … all I can say is, Tammy and I need to start a support group!

  7. I like how “feelings” is in quotations, as if feelings don’t really exist…..haha. Funny stuff.

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