Quick Movie Reviews

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve reviewed anything! No matter what’s going on in my life, I have no right to keep you from being as fully informed on my movie criticisms as possible. Forgive me?

So let’s play catch-up:

Burn After Reading | Since I just saw this one last week, I’ll give you a little more depth than the rest. HORRIFYING! They should have burned it before distributing. Incredibly stupid and pointless. I kept waiting for the movie to really start. It was just so stupid. As my husband and I left the theater, we heard another couple say, “That’s 2 hours we’ll never have back.” Ditto, my friend. 0/5 stars

National Treasure: Book of Secrets | Boring. 2/5

Fool’s Gold | Boring. I just always expect more from those two, and I never seem to get what I expect.  2/5

Be Kind, Rewind | Strange, funny at times. I like Jack Black and Mos Def. So for their sakes I’ll be slightly more kind than I ought. 3/5

Definitely, Maybe | Um. Interesting? In a sad, funny way. 3/5

The Spiderwick Chronicles | Cool for older kids on up. A little not true to the book, but that’s not unusual. 3/5

Drillbit Taylor | Just as stupid as you’d expect, but I those nerdy kids grew on me. 2.5/5

Never Back Down | Bad. So bad. 1/5

Nim’s Island | Cute and funny, great for kids. 3/5

CJ7 | Strange. Maybe because it was foreign, but I thought they were just too cruel to that poor creature. And it was so crass! I liked Kung Fu Hustle much better. 1/5

What Happens in Vegas | I. Freakin’. Loved. This. Movie. I know, it surprised me too! But I really did! 5/5

The Forbidden Kingdom | Worth about 25% of the $2 I paid to see it. And that $.50 was for the excellent fight scene Jet Li and Jackie Chan. 1/5

Indiana Jones | Did I already review this? If not, it was sad. 1/5

Wall-E | Frickin’ awesome! 5/5

Kung-Fu Panda | Jack Black makes this movie! Hilarious? Did I already review it? I’m bad with names … 5/5

27 Dresses | Forgetable. 2/5

The Queen | Interesting. 2.5/5

I’m sure I saw others. Maybe I’ll do another catch-up soon!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Movie Reviews

  1. pennymaxwell says:

    Ok well I was actually going to take your advice since I rarely see movies but then……………….you said you loved Wall-e??? What?? I thought that was the stupidest movie I have seen in years! What a waste of moolah! Ugh! Torture! Wall-e…….Eva……..Ugh!!!!!!

    So now I am really scared of the movies you HATED if you liked Wall-e!

    But I still love you Frankie! Smooches!

    P.S. Tell Derwin to stretch out the withered hand! Ha ha! I am so funny!

  2. treyka says:

    WHAT?? You didn’t like Wall-E? It was so adorable! I know why you hated it. It was quiet and subtle, which is your polar opposite! You’re exciting and over-the-top!

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