“She Baw-heh”

Okay, this might be a black thing. I don’t know.

But yesterday morning, my husband and were lying in bed making stupid funnies about my “baw-heh,” (or “bald head” in the King’s English).

I made a joke at my husband’s expense (those are always fun), and he retaliated with, “So, you baw-heh.”

I laughed. “Baw-heh? You sound like a little kid on the playground!” Then I became that little black kid on the playground, retaliating from a remark some other kid made with, “So, I don’t care, you baw-heh!'”

We giggled. Derwin came back with, “So, yo’ momma’s bawl-heh!”

We guffawed! I responded in the classic childhood taunt song, “Yo momma’s baw-heh, yo momma’s baw-heh!” (To the tune of “I Got Some Ice-Cream” by Eddie Murphy.)

Now we’re cracking up.

I like acting stupid with my husband.

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5 thoughts on ““She Baw-heh”

  1. lwayswright says:

    I love acting silly with my husband too. I find it terribly romantic and quite a bit sexy when a man can actually “play” and act silly. I especially love those moments when we are alone in bed, the kids are either gone or sleeping and we can just do and say stupid and silly things to each other like we are kids ourselves. Black, white, yellow, or whatever, I don’t think being silly ever grows out of style or is a bad thing…it is universal!
    Just my humble opinion.

  2. Tracie says:

    I agree! It’s amazing how close I feel to him after we’ve shared some private silliness!

  3. Longing for Holiday says:

    Reminds me of the kids who taunted Elijah: “go up ye old baw-heh, go up.”

    Of course, a bear came out of the woods and ate them up.

    So watch it when you say “baw-heh!”

    2 Kings 2: 23-24

  4. Longing for Holiday says:

    Nice new look (though I loved the old, too)

  5. Tracie says:

    Hahah! I’ll tell my husband to watch his back for wayward bears! And thanks … I feel like the new look reflects my new mood …

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