I Cut Off All My Hair.

Well, not all of it. Just most of it. Last night, without telling anyone except my family.

I’ve had my hair short before, shorter than this in fact. (Truth is, I wish I’d gone shorter this time.) I enjoyed it so much: I didn’t have to fuss with it; rain or humidity didn’t frighten me. I looked good too–I could carry it off. (Still can.) Last night I loved it! I couldn’t wait to show it off.

But today, as I wait for all my friends to see me for the first time, I’m becoming more and more nervous. I’m actually trembling a little. All the way here I was wondering whether I’d done the right thing. I mean … it’s gone! It’s not like I can take down this style ’cause it doesn’t work!

I wonder why I’m so insecure.

I’ll probably expound on this whole scenario later. Just needed to share with someone.

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6 thoughts on “I Cut Off All My Hair.

  1. Nikki says:

    LOL. Read your song lyric of the day and gain wisdom. 😀

  2. Tracie says:

    I know … that’s why I put it there!

  3. Karen Mundy says:

    I love it!! You look beautiful!!! Not that you didn’t before. Because you did. But….you get what I’m trying to say!

  4. Mandisa says:

    Finally saw the new look and yes; you can definitely ROCK that look girl. You look gorgeous!!

  5. Tracie says:

    I love y’all! Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

  6. […] Comfortably Lockless June 27, 2008 I realized that after my rather whiny post about cutting off all my hair last month, I never followed up. With more than a month to adjust, here’s how I […]

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