That’s My Man!

I’m so proud of my husband.

Today in church I looked over and saw him laying hands on someone to pray for them. It jarred me for a second. I still sometimes can’t believe I’m seeing him do things he swore he would never do. I get to see him being loving, and doing loving things, because of the God he’d once flat-out rejected.

He got saved just two short years ago. When it happened I wondered if it was genuine. But every day I see how he’s changing–how much stronger he is, what a wonderful husband and father he’s become, and I’m blown away. That’s my man? Yeah. That’s my man!

There isn’t anyone in the world who can tell me God’s not real, or that He isn’t in the business of doing miracles. Besides all He’s done in my own life, nothing short of a miracle could’ve created the man my husband is today, or the marriage we now share.

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One thought on “That’s My Man!

  1. Chris says:

    He’s a lucky man to have such a trusting and faithful wife. There are some who do not realize the value of their own treasure. 🙂

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