Movie Review: Vantage Point


This movie is about an assassination attempt on the US President, from the perspective of several eye-witnesses and key players.

Dennis Quaid is Thomas Barnes, a secret service agent who saved the president’s life some months ago. He’s back on the job now for the first time, and he’s a little jumpy. The president is set to make an appearance at a rally in Spain, but just as he takes the platform two shots are fired at him. The rest of the movie is about the period of time about 20 minutes before and about 20 minutes after the shots are fired, as seen from the vantage point of Barnes, a spectator with a camcorder (Forest Whitaker), a Spanish police officer, and others. As each layer of the story unfolds, the movie would literally rewind back to a certain point before the shooting, so we could see what was happening from each character’s perspective.

Honestly, the first couple rewinds were sort of boring. But then they started to pick up–something would happen, I’d learn a new detail, and now I was on the edge of my seat! But as the movie marched on, I kind of knew what to expect. By the end I was disappointed.

In addition, the court finds Forest Whitaker guilty of overacting! Early in the movie my husband said, “Who’s that excited about using a camcorder?” I defended him, explaining that he was about to see the president and he was in a foreign country to boot! But by the end, he had gone way over the top. Derwin and I made fun of him in the car after the movie, pulling child-like/goofy faces and stammering excitedly, “Wow! Look at that man walking! It’s all so thrilling!”

It looked good for a minute, but in the end I felt let down. I give this movie a 2.5/5 stars.

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