DVD Review: Why Did I Get Married?


Tyler Perry’s latest effort stars some pretty major hitters, including Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba and Michael Jai White. It’s probably one of the best movies he’s made so far, in my opinion.

The story is about four married couples and their struggles. One couple deals with the workaholism and differing life goals; another is battling alcoholism and control issues, besides a troublesome ex and infidelity. Another couple is dealing with serious emotional abuse and infidelity; and the final couple is trying to overcome the pain of losing a child. These four couples are long-time friends who come together regularly to ground their marriages–working out problems and encouraging each other.

The issues in each marriage seemed realistic, and their stories gripped me and drew me in. Each relationship was dealing with problems we might recognize in a friend’s marriage, or in our own. Each couple dealt with their problems in ways many of us might–be they right or wrong. Some of their situations seemed hopeless.

However, the movie concludes too easily. In fact, this is my biggest gripe about it. For example, one of the characters has a drinking problem. It ends with her deciding she won’t drink anymore. That’s just too easy! Another finds love after her husband left. She says she’s not bitter toward her ex, but her actions and behavior say otherwise. Her failure to truly forgive, and to recognize and deal with her bitterness, could be a whole ‘nother storyline!

Overall the movie started well. But for a movie like this–which purports to tell the couples’ stories in a dramatic and realistic way–the microwave solutions at the end were a turn-off.

I give this movie 2.5/5 stars.

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