The Meme Tag Game

I got tagged by Lpklal (I guess turnabout is fair play). Here are the rules:

  • Find the closest book to you.
  • Turn to Page 123.
  • Find first five sentences.
  • Post the next three sentences.

Here’s mine:

“I figured that by eliminating those two activities [not to eat alone with or ride in a car alone with another woman other than members of my family] I would be eliminating two possible contexts for temptation. Later I added a third component to my personal commandments: I decided not to counsel alone with women. Whenever I share these decisions publicly, I watch men and women shake their heads in disbelief.”

This is from Andy Stanley’s “The Best Question Ever.” It’s a good book.

I cheated though–the closest book to me was the Bible, but that’s so predictable! So I took the first book I looked at on my bookshelf.

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One thought on “The Meme Tag Game

  1. breadandsham says:

    If it was a real expensive Bible, it might still be charts and outlines on page 123. So in that sense, you cheated the letter of the law but not by keeping the spirit of the law.

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