DVD Review: The Brave One


This movie really got to me; I liked it a lot. I typically enjoy anything Jodie Foster does. I love the understated backbone she gives to every character, and this is no exception.

Foster plays Erica Bane, a New York radio host engaged to David Kirmani (Naveen Andrews of ABC’s “Lost”). Her life is pleasant and uneventful, and she’s looking forward to her marriage. One night she and David are walking their dog through Central Park when they’re confronted by a group of thugs. They’re cruelly beaten and robbed, and David dies from his injuries. Three weeks later, Erica wakes from a coma a very different woman.

One thing I loved about Foster was how subtly she changed. At the start of the movie there was an innocent happiness about her; now she looks harder and sadder. It’s not just makeup and wardrobe; the change is in her face, in her eyes.

New York used to excite and entertain her; now she’s afraid of every shadow. Erica buys a gun, and this is where everything begins to tumble out of control. Her first shooting is understandable, though her actions immediately afterward are frighteningly outlandish. I wondered why she’d make such a choice, but it enabled (or constrained) her to begin down a wrong path. In essence, Erica became a vigilante.

Oddly enough, I never felt judgmental toward her for her choices or actions. Instead I mourned for her.

Soon Erica meets Sean Mercer (Terrence Howard), a divorced homicide detective, and the two become friends. I really loved the dynamic between Sean and Erica. I wouldn’t have expected a New York detective to be so gentle and sad. (Howard is another great actor.) They were good for each other. Bottom line though: Erica’s a murderer. She knows it, and she’s sickened and ashamed by it.

Part of me wants her brought to justice; another part of me hopes she escapes. Since I was caught between this rock and hard place, either way the movie ended I was going to be disappointed!

I give this movie 4/5 stars. Because of the ending.

P.S. There’s a sex scene at the beginning of the movie.

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4 thoughts on “DVD Review: The Brave One

  1. mauthor says:

    I really didn’t like the ending of this film, i thought it was unrealistic and kind of a cop out.

  2. treyka says:

    I know, me too. That’s why I felt divided and disappointed about the way it ended.

  3. patrick says:

    Foster did a pretty good job in Brave One… a good demonstration of the power of fear; it felt like the cop compromised his convictions at the end, tho, kind of a let down

  4. treyka says:

    I understand exactly what you mean, Patrick. Though part of me was glad he did it, I felt disappointed because it was unrealistic and he didn’t do what he said he’d do.

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