I Heart Nerds!


My husband is such a nerd! (So am I, but I’m much more subtle about it. And humble.)

I’m lying in bed this morning, thinking about taking a quick nap before I have to get up. I hear Derwin’s slippered feet shuffling across the living room floor as he schleps around the house, muttering. “Mutter mutter cords mutter mutter kids touching my stuff mutter mutter could’ve sworn it was here mutter.”

He shuffles into our bedroom and starts digging through his night stand, still muttering. Finally he says, “Have you seen my audio-video converter?”

In the more than 18 years we’ve known each other, my husband has never accepted that I don’t understand wires and gadgets and doo-dads. I speak English. I have no desire to learn Doohickey, or its sub-dialect, Nerd Wire Doohickey. Yet in typical nerd fashion, he assumes I understand his nerdy language and his nerdy toys–or if I don’t understand, it’s only because he hasn’t explained it yet.

“I wouldn’t know it if I saw it,” I respond.

Now the nerd in him rises up: “Imagine you have a television, but it doesn’t have any co-axial cables in the back. The audio-video converter–well actually it’s just a video converter–would blah blah blah, blah, blah...”

I busted out laughing before he could even finish. (I’m still laughing!) He stopped, realizing he’d reverted back to his native tongue. Why would he think a detailed explanation, replete with nerdy wire vocabulary, would help me understand what the heck he was talking about?

He slipped back into English with an exasperated sigh. “It’s an electronic doohickey with wires, Tracie.” His frustrated explanation was met with more hysterical laughter, so he shuffled away in search of said doohickey. (He later found it in the back of his doohickey-packed truck. See photo above.)

I love my nerdy husband! He’s so dang cute!

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6 thoughts on “I Heart Nerds!

  1. Nikki W says:

    ROFL! Have you started writing that book yet? I can’t wait to read it. 😀

  2. WendyLou says:

    I found your blog from my friend, Derrick’s, blog. Your stories are hilarious!! I bet you’re very fun to be around!! Looking forward to reading more …

  3. pennymaxwell says:

    I love your nerd hubby too! He is such a great guy! Oh and you are on my blog roll now. Sorry aobut that. It only took me 10 minutes to figure out how to put you on there too!

  4. Tracie says:

    Hi Wendy! You’re very sweet. It’s easy to look good in writing! I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

  5. Derwin Frank says:

    My wife just zones out completely when I mention anything technical! It can be just something simple like an ink pen that lights up and she zones out if I try to explain how to work it.

    I had the darndest time trying to get her to go from Video tapes to DVD’s, but she is not a lost cause!! She finally came around and I anticipate that I can get her to come around on other technical concepts as well!!


  6. Longing for Holiday says:

    Very funny. LOLOLOL

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