That’s So Beneath Me.

So I had to fly back to Massachusetts this past week to take care of some old business. All month I refused to think about flying. My concerns were (1) nausea/motion sickness and (2) crashing. Yes, in that order. But I didn’t allow myself to dwell on either one–I just refused to think about it until I had to.

Meantime, in my small group earlier in the month, we had a lesson on authority by Andrew Wommack. One of the things he said was that there’s a law of gravity that keeps everyone earthbound. But there’s a superior law that, if applied, makes it possible for humans to fly. I loved the analogy.

I loved it even more today while I was driving home from the gym. (I’ll explain in a sec.)

On the way to Massachusetts, as we propelled down the runway at a scarily exhilarating speed, I concentrated on reminding myself that this whole flying thing was “fun,” that the knot in my stomach was nerve-related, not motion-related. As we took off, I avoided the window. When we landed, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I ran around Springfield and sat around watching movies with my mom’n’em for two days, and then we flew back yesterday. This time taking off really was fun, and being in the sky was amazing. Landing was somewhat anticlimactic.

But today when I was talking to God on my drive home from the gym, I was realizing what a miraculous thing had occurred. I flew! I was thousands of feet in the air, seeing the earth from high above it. That’s a rare and amazing and miraculous thing! Buildings (even the tallest ones) and cars were part of a vast Pretend Land. Forests were tiny black twigs stuck in the ground like fence pickets, with tufts of painted cotton posing as leaves. Like the trees surrounding a miniature train set. Higher, the clouds were miles of bright, unmolested snow. Above them the sky was crisp blue; below them it was rainy and bleak.

There’s a law that says men must be earthbound. There’s another law, a more superior law, that says men can fly. That has so many obvious spiritual implications that I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining them. (Unless you want me to.)

Seeing the world from above it puts earth-issues in perspective. That stuff is so beneath me! They’re still there, but they’re small and temporary and fragile.

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2 thoughts on “That’s So Beneath Me.

  1. Nikki says:

    When I was in college I had one of those revelatory flights. I was stressed about all the things that stress a college student and was flying to Atlanta for some R&R. It was in the air I also got that epiphany of perspective. And after that day, flying always brought it to my rememberence and changed my view of whatever happened to be stressing me. Well, until I became a wife and a parent. The significance of those roles don’t seem to change, no matter what the altitude!

  2. I love to fly! On a airplane also! 🙂 There is something so peaceful about totally being out of control and not knowing the details. (Because if I knew I would just freak out) I just close my eyes and enjoy the ride. Let’s hope the children like the airplane ride too! :)…all 20ish hours of them!

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