It’s a Clear Membrane

I just read a really poignant post called “From Glory to Glory.” Cbgrace very eloquently said something I’ve been feeling and experiencing myself, and it’s been getting louder and clearer and brighter every day.

Growing in God is a process! Most of us wish we were at thus-and-so mile-marker, and we feel like God’s disappointed at our progress. As if He’s not in charge of our progress! Like He’s standing far away, so far away we could never reach Him, and He’s saying, “Come on or get left!”

But the truth is, He’s standing within reach, saying “I’ll wait right here for you until you’re ready to come.”

I commented on Cbgrace’s post that I like what He’s doing in me, but more importantly, I like the way He’s been doing it … even though I’ve walked through some valleys with scary shadows! I was convinced for a long time that God wasn’t doing anything in me, because it wasn’t happening the way I thought it would or should. But God has been peeling away those clear membranes that I never saw before, and there’s new stuff there that I didn’t know could ever exist. Not in me, anyhow.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Clear Membrane

  1. runn1ngm4n says:

    Thanks for the comment and encouraging word you left Tracie. I appreciate it. Very true about the membranes God peels away from us. Sometimes we find ourselves doing things we didn’t think we could or would do; and in the process find a strength we never knew we had.

  2. treyka says:

    Hey, NP. I hope you’re feeling better and not being so hard on yourself!

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