What’s Up with Zombie Movies?

What is up with zombie movies? Much as I liked “I Am Legend,” it shared the same doofy issues as any other zombie movie. Such as:

  • Why do zombies always have superhuman strength? What is it about death and bodily decay that makes the muscles stronger? I’m perplexed.
  • Why don’t zombies eat each other? Since they’re rather mindless, isn’t flesh … well, flesh? Do they have a certain smell or something? And on that note:
  • Why, oh why, do zombies want to eat human flesh?! Again, what is it about death (or a virus) that makes canibalism seem like a good idea?
  • Why are zombies insatiable? Don’t they ever get full? Maybe they have super high metabolism hopping up their dead bodies, to accommodate their superhuman strength.
  • Have you noticed as movies have progressed in the special effects arena that zombies now move faster than ever? Why? How?
  • How did zombies become such incredible acrobats? They’re able to scuttle up walls and leap incredible distances and such. Maybe it’s that super high metabolism again.

Just my mind wandering again!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Up with Zombie Movies?

  1. watchman146 says:

    I definitely agree with your take on the zombies, especially about zombies being faster than ever.

    Zombies are a great metaphor for the advancement of film technology. Remember the old night of the Living Dead movies? The Zombies were basically mechanical and in slow motion. My invalid grandmother could elude them. But now, zombies are like ten times faster than a buff Will Smith. What’s up with that? Is there a zombie health club?

  2. jay says:

    Actually Corey…err Watchman, zombie have always been a metaphor for something, usually consumerism…that’s why they always seem to be trapped in malls. Well, I just made the malls thing up, but the consumerism thing is something I heard a director say.

    The zombie that gets fast is there purely for its thrill factor. Plus, I saw Big Willy punch out an alien, so what chance would a little zombie have against him.

    I plan on watching the movie tomorrow.

    Btw Tracie, I spent a little time on the blog and I really enjoyed it.

  3. spreadtheflame says:

    My thoughts exactly after seeing the movie. Sat next to Deedra Adams during it and she was talking to the characters on screen the whole time. Ha Ha! She was funny! Liked the redemption analogies of the movie.

  4. cbgrace says:

    We watched “I am Legend” last night….was that not a depressing movie? If I had known it was a zombie movie, I wouldn’t have paid to see it.

  5. Derwin Frank says:

    Sweetheart, I know we went to see the same movie, so how can you say they are zombies!!

    First of all, they didn’t eat flesh, they were attracted to blood.
    Next, they die from exposure to light.
    Third, they weren’t mindless automotons, they took direction and listened to their leader.

    I guess I know the difference between zombies and vampiers because I grew up watching horror movies.

    Your Hubby!!

  6. Tracie says:

    Darling, clearly you didn’t realize I was talking about zombies in general; I wasn’t necessarily referring to “I Am Legend.” Especially since in my movie review I noted they weren’t mindless automatons.


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