A Great Day!

Yesterday was such a great day!

First, it was Derwin’s turn to put the kids on the bus, which meant I got to sleep late. I did have to do Autumn’s hair though … I need to teach the hubby how to brush a little girl’s hair into an afro puff. It’s really not that hard … but s’okay, I went immediately back to bed once it was done!

Next, since I had set my clothes out the night before (a true rarity), I left home and arrived at work on time. I actually got there early because I was meeting with my girl April to pray. And our prayer time was phenomenal! Definitely a God thing. I’m so excited about what will come of it! I’m so glad it’s April because I love April and she’s my bud. I wouldn’t want to pray about those things with anyone else!

Then I had lunch with Melody, my new co-worker. We’re both graphic designers (well, Melody’s a full-out artist), so we’ve got that creative mind thing in common. We were gonna talk about work stuff, but we never even got to it because we were talking about God. I mean, we sat in Panera for like two hours talking about His influence in our lives and our art and our creativity. I left refreshed and excited. Thanks Melody! We’ll have to talk about work some other time!

Then I talked with a nice lady who wants to volunteer on the publications team at church. I’m really excited about her–so far she seems like she’s serious about volunteering. The cool thing is, I prayed about where she could volunteer because I wasn’t sure, and God was like, “What about there, and there?” And it was perfect! I can’t wait to start.

Then I came home, and it was Derwin’s turn to cook so I got to chill and have a delicious plate of dinner handed to me like a queen. I heard about my kids’ days at school, handled bookbags and get-ready-for-bed preparations, did some tucking-in of little ones, and watched Star Trek Voyager with my husband.

Just a cool day. I like those kinds of days.

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2 thoughts on “A Great Day!

  1. pennym says:

    Derwin for hire????? Dang.

  2. Tracie says:

    Haha! Hm, a good way to earn some spending change …

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