Book Review: Next Generation Leader

Next Generation Leader

I first heard of Andy Stanley when I attended a conference in Atlanta back in 2005. He’s been one of my favorite teachers ever since, and this book doesn’t fall short of my expectations. Though it’s written from a Christian perspective, this book would be useful to both secular and ministry leaders.

The book is thin and the text isn’t microscopic. In other words, it’s a concise, easy-to-read book that gets straight to the point. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive tome covering every question a leader might ask; instead it’s a great overview to the most basic and simple (yet probably overlooked or underestimated) requirements of leadership.

There are five sections: “Competence–Do Less, Accomplish More; Courage–Courage Establishes Leadership; Clarity–Uncertainty Demands Clarity; Coaching–Coaching Enables a Leader to Go Farther, Faster; and Character–Character Determines the Leader’s Legacy.” Each section contains three short chapters, then closes with a bullet-point summary and a few questions or suggestions to spur self-examination and, if necessary, change.

I give it 5/5 stars.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Next Generation Leader

  1. pennymaxwell says:

    Me too! I love that book. Everyone should read it!

  2. omalone1 says:

    thank you for this brief to the point entry, the question is, what will the youth next produce, and is there is a need for leaders anymore in a time where experts has become a bubble gum term.

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